Split devices and customized constructions

Our strength - your advantage: customized cooling solutions

Advantages of split devices

  • No noise in the lab
  • No waste heat in the laboratory
  • Energetically sensible
  • No space Problems
  • Individually



    These lists are only a small indication of our flexibility.
    We modify your device   to meet your specific needs.

    Please ask for more information about your   requirement!
    And get your very individual offer




There are several ways to reduce waste heat and noise levels in the lab. The waste heat from coolers is annoying for the user and not always useful   for energetic reasons in the premises. [Nbsp]


Possibility 1:
Here, the condenser is removed from the air-cooled cooler and mounted outside. Thus, the heat generated by the radiator, discharged to the outside. In this case, the heat is no longer inside the room. Only the sound from the compressor is heard in the lab, but the use of sound insulation tries to keep it as low as possible.


Possibility 2:
In this variant, a complete refrigeration unit is mounted to the outside. Thus, a smaller housing can be used and the noise and heat pollution are no longer in the laboratory. The housing is provided with sound insulation as in option 1.


Possibility 3:
This solution is an outdoor installation for the entire radiator. Care must be taken that an antifreeze (eg glycol) is used to ensure frost protection. It is possible to deliver a cooler freely to the outside, then a rain cover is mounted on the housing. If a covered possibility exists, then it will be ignored. Here is any noise outside the lab. Depending on the application, a suitable cooler is configured. Because some applications have problems with antifreeze as a coolant, another solution is offered. [Nbsp]  


For options 1 and 2, the systems must be installed and commissioned by qualified personnel. The systems are prepared as well as possible by us for on-site installation. We are also happy to offer installation for you on site.


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