Quiet with a very small footprint

This picture shows a water-cooled version of a cooling unit. Thanks to its relatively small dimensions it can be easily positioned inside a laboratory cabinet or similarly confined space. Since the unit releases very little heat into the surrounding area, there is no need for ventilation of the installation location. The unit’s performance is sufficient to supply up to three workstations with rotary evaporators.

A powerful magnetic coupled feed pump ensures good flow through the heat exchanger. A static maximum pressure up to 3.5 bar is available. All versions of the cooling unit are low-noise. The coolant tank is located on the front of the unit, making it easy to top up after the unit has been installed. The filler cap is an easy to open screw top. The water connections are located on top of the unit at the rear. All error messages are shown on the display and are indicated by means of an acoustic alarm.  A yellow symbol indicates if the coolant level in the reservoir tank is too low. 

The water supply for the cooling unit can be provided by the building’s own water-cooling circuit or by the drinking water supply pipe. The unit consumes only as much water as it needs to meet the cooling output. When the cooling unit is switched off, water consumption is reduced to zero.  The unit functions automatically and maintenance-free.  Thanks to a special system, two side panels can be removed very quickly, making everything easily accessible and very service friendly.

This unit is also available as a water to water cooler without a compressor (system separator), which means that an output of up to 9 kW can be achieved with the same unit dimensions.  This unit is also available for flow temperatures above 0° C.

Application examples

  • Rotary evaporators
  • Destillation devices
  • Soxhlet extractions
  • Water baths
  • General cooling applications at lower temperatures

Features and advantages

  • 100% water savings in tap water
  • No sewage costs for waste water
  • Cooling water temperature, pressure and flow can be regulated
  • Constant water quality, no limescale, no algae
  • Minimum space requirement on every laboratory table
  • Compact 3.5 litre tank
  • Almost noiseless
  • Temperature display in O-LED capacitive touch pad controller
  • Acoustic and text description alarm Display
  • Ambient temperature up to 35° C
  • Stability ±2° C

Technical data

Technical data MINITOWER
Model and part no. 0004-W-RB400-MT
Temperature range -15° C - +20° C
Cooling power @ -15°C 300 watt
Cooling power @ -0°C 650 watt
Pump capacity max. 10 l/min.
Feed pressure max. 3.5 bar
Connections 3/8" inside thread
W x D x H
275 x 405 x 565 mm
incl. feed
Current 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH
Power consumption 690 watt max.
Weight 50 kg
Refrigerant R449A

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