Economical for small cooling demands

Cooling using air is the most economical method of cooling. 

Because of physical limitations, the cool water temperature cannot be brought any lower than the ambient temperature, because this kind of chiller cools with help of a fan and heat exchanger directly against air. 

These 500 watt (at 35°C) chiller are particularly but not exclusively suited to water distillation units or certain AAS.  The optional cooling capacities available with this kind of chiller can be up to 100 kW. 

The airflow is from left to right.

This type of unit is also available in a 3000 watts Version and with increased temperature stability.

The illustration opposite shows the model COOL-AIR on the back with option tank emptying.

Application examples

  • Distillation devices
  • AAS
  • Electronics cooling
  • Small equipment cooling

Features and advantages

  • 100% water savings in tap water
  • No sewage costs for waste water
  • Cooling water temperature, pressure and flow can be regulated
  • Constant water quality, no limescale, no algae
  • Very small footprint, minimum space requirement on every laboratory table
  • Compact 5 litre tank
  • Very quiet
  • Optional increased stability temperature (0.2 K/°C)

Technical data

Technical data COOL-AIR COOL-AIR-30
Model and part no. COOL-AIR
Temperature range (settable) 10-40° C 16-45° C
Cooling power 500 watt @ 35° C OT and 25° C AT 3000 watt @ 45° C OT and 25° C AT
Pump capacity max. 10 l/min. 10 l/min.
Feed pressure max. 3.5 bar 3.5 bar
Connections Quick lock with 9 mm hose sleeves Quick lock with 9 mm hose sleeves
W x D x H
280 x 480 x 560 mm 430 x 470 x 695 mm
Current 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH
Power consumption 160 Watt max. 230 Watt max.
Weight 19 kg 32 kg

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