Our contact persons

Mirko Laskowski

Managing Director, Production Manager, Purchasing Manager

Tel +49 5265-94552-14
E-Mail: ml@vdh-online.com

Andrej Kepler

Managing Director, Service Manager, IT-Administration

Tel +49 5265-94552-17
E-Mail: ak@vdh-online.com

Andreas Berch

Director Sales Management,
Sales and Technical Advice

Tel +49 5265-94552-19
E-Mail: ab@vdh-online.com

Daniel Holtmann

Sales Management,
Sales and Technical Advice

Tel +49 5265-94552-28
E-Mail: dh@vdh-online.com

Benjamin Haar

Assistent Production Planning

Tel +49 5265-94552-29
E-Mail: bh@vdh-online.com

Simone Schwichtenberg

Accounting, Marketing

Tel +49 5265-94552-18
E-Mail: sch@vdh-online.com

Sandra Bode

Customer Care, Quotations

Tel +49 5265-94552-11
E-Mail: info@vdh-online.com

Jadena Otto

Commercial Clerk

Tel +49 5265-94552-0
E-Mail: jo@vdh-online.com

Heino Rinne

Shipping, Export, Order Entry

Tel +49 5265-94552-52
E-Mail: hr@vdh-online.com

Thomas Sprute

Technical Editor, Service

Tel +49 5265-94552-16
E-Mail: ts@vdh-online.com

Maike Breeden

Merchandise Management, Store

Tel +49 (0) 5265 94552-13
E-Mail: mb@vdh-online.com

Christoph Steinbrenner


Tel +49 5265 94552-24
E-Mail: service@vdh-online.com