Compact and economical


The MINORE® is a small circulatory cooler available in 300W, 350W and 500W versions. A cooling unit cools the circulating water and/or antifreeze mixture in a small container, from where it is supplied to the cooling unit by a circulation pump.

The container is easily accessible and can be filled from under the hinged cover on the top of the unit.

This type of unit is available in the same size of casing up to 600 W and 3.0 bars pump pressure and can be supplied as an air or water cooled version.  Other temperature ranges are available.

Application examples

  • Rotary evaporators
  • Destillation devices
  • Soxhlet extractions
  • Water baths

Features and advantages

  • 100% water savings in tap water
  • No sewage costs for waste water
  • Cooling water temperature, pressure and flow can be regulated
  • Constant water quality, no limescale, no algae
  • Minimum space requirement on every laboratory table
  • Compact 5 litre tank
  • Almost noiseless
  • Temperature display in O-LED capacitive touch pad controller
  • Lockable castors
  • Acoustic and text description alarm Display
  • Ambient temperature up to 32°C
  • Available with higher pump pressure and many different options and accessories
  • Power regulation by microprocessor controlled heating, this means high temperature stability of water pre-run temperature (0.1 K/°C)

Technical Data

Temperature range 16-22° C 16-22° C 16-22° C
Cooling power @ 20°C 300 watt 350 watt 500 watt
Pump capacity max. 28 l/min. 28 l/min. 28 l/min.
Feed pressure max. 0.4 bar 0.4 bar 0.4 bar
Connections Quick lock with 9 mm hose sleeves Quick lock with 9 mm hose sleeves Quick lock with 9 mm hose sleeves
Dimensions W x D x H 360 x 470 x 590 mm 360 x 470 x 590 mm 360 x 470 x 590 mm
Current 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH
Power consumption 220 Watt max. 270 Watt max. 340 Watt max.
Weight 25 kg 37 kg 38 kg
Refrigerant R 134 a R 134 a R 134 a
Part no. Air cooled 0-RB400 I-RB400 II-RB400
Part no. Water cooled 0-WG-RB400 I-WG-RB400 II-WG-RB400